Blight Enforcement Codes - Property Maintenance Code Violations
Off Street Parking - City Ordinance Section #13.00 (b)

Off Street Parking in a place other than designated improved parking areas.

Trash Cans - City Ordinance Section 18.81
Trash cans may be placed out at street after 6:00 p.m. (Sunday) and returned to rear yard no later than 12:00 noon (Tuesday).

Trees & Shrubs - Public Nuisance - City Ordinance Section 24-3
Allow a tree or shrub to interfere with the use of any public highway, park or public place - or which is unsafe  constitutes a hazard...

Occupied Structures - Section #301.2
Fail to maintain a sanitary and/or safe condition on a dwelling.

Vacant Structures - Section #301.3
Fail to maintain clean, safe, secure, and sanitary conditions to structures and/or lot

Sanitation (Debris) - Section #302.1
Permit debris (wood/trash cans/discarded toys/clutter/etc.) to remain stored on lot.

Sanitation (Grass & Weeds) - Section #302.4

Permit a damaged and/or improperly maintained yard/lot (Grass & Weeds).

Accessory Structures (Garages/Walls/Fences) - Section #302.7
Fail to maintain a structurally sound and in good condition - garage, fence, or wall.

Storage (Vehicles & Watercraft) - Section #302.8
Allow storage of vehicle and/or watercraft in driveway and/or lot for more than 7 days.

Exterior Structures (General Rule) - Section #304.1
Fail to maintain the exterior of a structure in good repair, structurally sound and sanitary - so as not to pose a threat to the public heath, safety, or welfare.

Protective Treatment (Paint/Stain/Motar Joints) - Section #304.2
Fail to maintain an exterior surface in good condition.

Premises Identification (Addresses) - Section #304.3
Buildings shall have approved address numbers place din a position to be plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting the property.