Code of Ordinance Amendments

Amendment changes to Municipal Code of Ordinances frequently asked.


Dangerous and Exotic Animal Ordinance
Regulations on what constitutes a Dangerous Animal and what Exotic Animals are not allowed in the City of Keego Harbor.

Driveway Ordinance
Regulations on new or altered driveways in the City of Keego Harbor.

Ordinance No 453 False Alarms.pdf

Farm Animals

SECTION 15.12 - Fences.pdf

Fertilizer Ordinance

Ordinance No 450 Fireworks.pdf

Ordinance  411 Prohibiting Selling of Food or Beverage on Waterways.pdf
Prohibiting of food and beverage sales on waterways within the City of Keego Harbor.

Illicit Discharge Elimination Plan
Purpose is to establish methods for controlling the introduction of pollutants into the municipal storm sewer system.

Ordinance No 444 Noise.pdf
Construction noise specific times equipment can operate in the City of Keego Harbor.

Open Burning
Open Burning is Prohibited except for cooking purposes only.

Sanitation Code
Property Sanitation.